At Analog Hour, our mission is to raise awareness of the mental and physical health benefits of (at least sometimes!) unplugging from our digital world.

Today we are witnessing the first all-digital generation. Young parents have grown up in a world where digital devices have quickly become omnipresent in our lives.

By taking an hour a day, an Analog Hour, to reconnect with the physical world that surrounds us, we can make huge strides in improving our mental and physical health.

Take a few minutes and think of some healthy activities. It could be physical, it could be mental.
Reading. Riding a bike. Playing catch. Cooking. Painting. Doing yoga.

These are analog activities, and more often we seem to have time to watch a cooking show on TV, than cook a meal ourselves.

Take an #AnalogHour. Unplug. Share it with the world.

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